Specialty Occupation

Universal specializes in providing Expert Opinion Letters to establish an offered H-1B position as a USCIS Specialty Occupation, which requires the minimum attainment of a Bachelor's Degree or higher.

Universal's expert opinion letter is a very comprehensive report which includes the beneficiary's academic and/or work experience credentials as equivalent to a bachelor's or higher in the required specialty field, and substantiates the suitability of the beneficiary for the offered position.

H-1B Work Experience
Professor Evaluations

Universal Professors/evaluators have significant experience in curriculum planning, evaluator/s for undergraduate programs in CS for ABET, professional consulting in all areas of management and technology.

• All Evaluators/Professors have authority to Grant College Level credits
• Professors from Top Notch Universities
• Industry Consultants
• Specialized areas covered Computer Related (CS, CE, MIS, Computer Technology), Engineering, Business, Accounting, Logistics, Information Systems, Medical, Pharma etc.

L-1A Executive/Managerial Capacity

Universal's Professors and Industry specialists understand, describe responsibilities and characteristics to satisfy the requirements of the USCIS for an Executive or Managerial position. Universal's report clearly compare, analyze and assess the position and its job duties to the specifics of the requirement by the petitioner. Universal's Professors or Industry specialists tailor a comprehensive report which will provide an extra support for an L-1A initial petition and/or if the USCIS has sought additional evidence through RFE.

Credential Evaluations/EDGE

Universal has built an enviable reputation over many years by providing highly qualified, credible and fair evaluation. Tens of thousands of our evaluations have been accepted by the USCIS over the past few years.


Universal also uses AACRAO EDGE as a reference.

PERM Audit/Business Necessity

Universal's Business Necessity Expert Opinion Letters establish business necessity for an offered position and demonstrate that the requirements bear a reasonable relationship to the occupation in the context of the employer's business and the requirement is essential to perform the job in a reasonable manner in accordance with regulations.

Universal's Industry experts demonstrate and clearly illustrate with Industry examples to prove why an employer's stated minimum requirements are usual and acceptable due to the business necessity of the employer.

Universal is the petitioner's or law firm's choice for Expert Opinion Letter.